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I can tell a bureaucrat. I should know because I used to be one until I came to my senses and gave up, now 15 years ago. Working with a bunch of losers; often university creatures and many in a high profile position, and the politically correct and biased appointed, often socialists or liberals. Isn't really the path of life I encourage you to follow.
Obviously the stereotype bureaucrat has read one or two books too many whether in the local library or, more evident these days, in the university complex where it's supposed to brighten your brain with stuff that hardly anyone understands, including the lecturers!
So this bunch of every day morons make life hard for many people and not seldom for their fellow colleagues as well. So if you're fed up with following the often boring and/or laughable rules and laws set out by hotshots of the local council you do like me. PACK YOUR BAGS!!
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