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Creatieve en interessante Engelse lessen

* Course description:

I bied creatieve en interessante Engelse lessen aan voor zowel kinderen als volwassenen. Deze lessen kunnen bestaan uit grammatica oefeningen, spreek oefeningen, spellen, activiteiten, oefenen met solliciteren, correctie van (grammaticale) opdrachten, schrijf oefeningen, en spreken aan de telefoon.

I offer creative and interesting English classes for children and adults. The classes may consist of activities, grammar exercises, speaking exercises, games, job interview practice, grammar and assignment correction, writing exercises, songs (for children), and phone speaking exercises.

Je vous propose des cours créatifs pour adultes et enfants. Les cours comprennent des activités, des exercises à l'oral, des jeux, des entrainements pour passer des entretiens en anglais, la correction de devoirs, des exercises à l'écrit et des exercises téléphoniques.

* Teaching approach:

My classes aren't repetitive or monotonous; they are creative and interesting. I have many activities, exercises and games that make learning fun and help students to see the usefulness of English and be more productive in their study of the language.

* Course program:

The program is customized depending on the student, no matter the level. If your goal is to learn how to write better I have many writing and grammar exercises to improve creative or school writing. If you are looking to speak better I can offer many speaking exercises that could help in a social, professional or everyday setting. My classes use a variety of different methods and exercises to keep the classes interesting and efficient.

* Places where you can take this course:

- Coffee shop: De Brug

Beukenplein 14, Amsterdam

- Coffee shop: Drovers Dog

Eerste Atjehstraat 62 Amsterdam

- Tea house: Geels and Co

Warmoesstraat 155, Amsterdam

- Coffee shop: Koko Coffee and Design

Oudezijds Achterburgwal 145, Amsterdam

- A public place you suggest


- At home


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