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*Are you working on some recordings but need the glue of a solid bass line to hold it all together? Are you working on an album but need to finish the rhythm tracks before recording your guitars and vocals? Don't know a bass player that you trust enough to lay it down on your well-recorded songs, composition or musical score?*

If so, I can definitely help. I'm a professional and experienced bassist here in LA, and can provide high quality, low cost bass tracks that always fit your music and your budget. I pride myself on creating the perfect bass part for each song (meaning only what is overplaying!), while also developing a nice, warm/round tone that can be molded to fit your song, or any sound you envision. I have lots of experience in most to all styles of music, and have always been interested in and studied what makes a great bass line, thus taking the song to a new level, and I can achieve that for you!

Also, never underestimate the importance of good tone... I have custom basses that allow me to dial in any tone I need for each situation, a vintage '74 Fender Precision bass for those who want that classic sound, a high-end Eastman upright bass, Aguilar amps, and a vintage 60s all tube head with original tubes (my secret weapon for recordings ;). I record into a Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo running into PT or Logic Pro X, & can email you finished tracks in 48kHz/24-bit format or higher. I'm also available to come to your studio to record if you prefer. I also have experience singing and recording harmonies.

Perhaps most importantly I'm positive, easy to work with & will incorporate your vision into my bass lines :)

It doesn't hurt to inquire, so drop me an email or call so we can discuss your project! Full day rates are also available.

Thanks & look forward to working with you!
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