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Hello beautiful people!

I recently moved to Holland from Australia and I am in the process of getting a permit to live and work here for 12 months.

I only speak english so I realise any job, especially customer service based, will be difficult due to the language barrier. In saying that, I am open to just about any job opportunity if fluent dutch is not a necessity and my language is not a barrier.

I am also willing to learn new things and seek new challenges including jobs and languages.

If anyone is willing to take on an Aussie employee for a few months or perhaps even a year, or knows of someone that may be willing, please, please, please feel free to contact me!

I am also willing to do volunteer work if accommodation can be provided.

Any recommendations for reasonable accommodation are also welcome.

I don't have any priorities as to where I want to live and work, so I am open for any opportunites. Somewhere close to the coast line would be ideal however job security and a place to live are far more important right now than location.

So if you want to help me or join me for my netherlands adventure, then please contact me preferably by email or alternatively by sms on
+31 0655522169.

Thank you! :)
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