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Move over Elon!

Right now, the AI industry is sweating over 'machine common sense,' because it's seen as the key to stopping the disasters that can happen when AI goes wrong, like when 'smart' self-driving cars plow over pedestrians and passenger jets try to correct the non-existent stalls falsely reported by bad sensors. Not only to avoid more of these tragedies but before the public loses faith in the technology.

As a result, the massive technological movement of AI is converging around this very clear choke point and releasing it will open the floodgates to self-driving cars, trucks, trains, and who knows what else. All these autonomous systems will come out of the solution that is found right here and those building them will have to pay to license it. It's a straight-up race, the winner to end up richer than Bezos. Thus everyone's working furiously, Google, Samsung, Uber, etc., eg, Microsoft dropping $125M on it last year.

Happily you don't need to be Bill Gates to buy a ticket into that race. If you're up for it, I have a good potential solution to the problem that should need no more than a year or two of development funding to move forward; a legitimate chance to buy into the possibility to save untold numbers of lives while joining the tech-billionaire elite.
From an independent research effort into brain/mind/consciousness, I've found a way to leverage the same evolutionary framework nature has been using for a few billion years, with a far more robust and complete solution than the mathematical simulations of conventional AI can ever hope to be. Even if just on paper, it's elegant and well-enough supported to be worth the attempt; a sweet, clean algorithmic process right at the root of the problem, the holy-grail of intellectual property.

The funding will support the effort toward implementation, including recruiting the programming, math and other skills needed to pull it off. Although the solution is pretty clear in theory, there's still work needed to make it practical...but maybe not as much as would be expected for something at this scale. And if it succeeds we'll own the choke point, the whole platform, and the entire next generation of AI, conveniently encapsulated in one core algorithm for easy development, patenting and licensing.

If you're interested in taking this shot with me and can to contribute through funding or other means, within a broader scope, please reply.
I'm in Toronto.
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